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30 People Arrested, 1 Child Rescued in Human Trafficking Sting ‘Operation Cupid’ in Texas

March 5, 2021

Authorities in Texas announced that 30 people were arrested and one child was rescued during an undercover human trafficking probe in Fort Bend County. Dubbed Operation Cupid, officials said the sting lasted about three days and targeted individuals who were allegedly clients of prostitutes. “Over three days, Operation Cupid aimed to combat human trafficking in Fort Bend County by identifying and arresting those intending to buy sex,” Assistant District Attorney Craig Priesmeyer said in a news conference on Wednesday, reported the Fort Bend Herald. He added: “Commonly known as ‘johns,’ they create the demand for human trafficking and contribute to the pervasive problem the community faces from these crimes. We are focused on saving victims by following basic economics; removing the demand will reduce the supply.” Priesmeyer said the dozens of people who were arrested involved in the ring, reported KLTV. “Don’t take it lightly, we rescued a child. We arrested … Read More

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