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AG Nominee Merrick Garland Says He Would Oversee Prosecution of Jan. 6 Protesters

February 21, 2021

President Joe Biden’s choice for attorney general Merrick Garland said he will supervise the prosecution of protesters who breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, according to a prepared opening statement for his upcoming confirmation hearing. Garland’s hearing is scheduled to begin on Feb. 22 and will span over two days. The appellate court judge, who was best known for¬†being tapped by President Barack Obama in 2016 to the Supreme Court, was nominated by Biden in early January to lead the Justice Department. The judge is expected to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee that he would “supervise the prosecution of white supremacists and others who stormed the Capitol on January 6” if confirmed, which he characterized as “a heinous attack that sought to disrupt a cornerstone of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power to a newly elected government.” He will stress his experience in “battling extremist attacks,” reminding lawmakers … Read More

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