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Armed Good Samaritans Stop Shooting Spree That Left 3 Dead

February 20, 2021

Several armed bystanders successfully stopped a shooting spree that left three dead, including the suspect, in a New Orleans suburb. The shooting happened at the Jefferson Gun Outlet in the suburb of Metairie, Louisiana, around 2:50 p.m., according to a release from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Joseph Lopinto told reporters that a person went into the gun store and shooting range and fatally shot two people on Saturday. Several individuals engaged with the shooter inside the gun shop and in a parking lot outside. Three persons died on the scene, including the shooter. Two others were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The authorities said the two hospitalized are in stable condition. It’s unclear if the good samaritans are employees of the gun shop or customers. Guns and ammunition are sold in the front of the outlet that faces the main thoroughfare through Jefferson Parish. Customers who want to … Read More

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