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Biden Brings Aggressive Gun Control Plans, Where Trump Supported 2nd Amendment

February 23, 2021

News Analysis Now that he’s in office, President Joe Biden has yet to unveil details of his gun control agenda, but his comments on the campaign trail and since suggest it will be ambitious. For example, a month into his term, the Democratic chief executive is considering requiring purchasers of homemade firearms that lack serial numbers to undergo background checks, according to Politico, based on unidentified sources. A White House official told the media outlet that Biden is looking at “every tool at our disposal, including executive actions.” Biden’s outlook on the Second Amendment is significantly different from that of his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, who was generally supportive of gun ownership rights. Trump opposed proposals to restrict magazine capacity, prohibit the sale of popular rifles, impose federal licensing requirements for law-abiding gun owners, and mandate the registration of ammunition. He condemned frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and bureaucratic harassment … Read More

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