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Big Tech Employees Donated More To Biden’s Campaign Than Any Other Sector

February 23, 2021

Employees at Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, donated at least $15.1 million to President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, according to Open Secrets. The donations eclipsed the amount given from employees in the banking and legal sectors, according to The Wall Street Journal. The five companies were also the largest fundraising sources for Biden’s campaign. While most tech employees have long supported Democratic candidates instead of Republican ones, previous presidential campaigns, including those of Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, relied more on donors and corporations outside of the technology realm. In addition to Alphabet and Microsoft, employees at the personal injury firm Morgan & Morgan, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Time Warner, now part of AT&T, were all major donors to Clinton’s 2016 campaign, according to Open Secrets. In 2012, Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, Time Warner, and Disney employees were among the top donors to Obama’s reelection … Read More

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