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California Principal Says Note on Schools Not Being Fully Open in Fall Was Mistake

February 21, 2021

A San-Francisco middle-school principal said she made an error in composing a newsletter that included a quote from the city’s school superintendent advising parents that schools would not be fully reopened by the fall. “After going back through my notes, and following up with folks, I realized my error,” she said in an email to The Chronicle. “I failed to separate my spring and fall updates and used Dr. [Vince] Matthews quote about spring semester (for the) fall,” Aptos Middle School Principal Stacey Wyatt told The San Francisco Chronicle. School district officials told the Chronicle that Matthews “absolutely” didn’t say that. Matthews had previously said that schools won’t reopen in the spring, but had not said the same about the fall. “What the superintendent has said in the past is that … it is unlikely we’ll be able to offer most middle and high school students the opportunity for in-person … Read More

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