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CCP Virus Strain Survives on Fabrics for About 3 Days, Study Finds

February 24, 2021

A new study in the UK has found viruses similar to the strain of the CCP virus that causes the disease COVID-19 can survive on several common fabrics used in the health industry and transmit to other surfaces. “When the pandemic first started, there was very little understanding of how long coronavirus could survive on textiles,” Microbiologist Dr. Katie Laird at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester said in an interview. “Our findings show that three of the most commonly used textiles in healthcare pose a risk for transmission of the virus,” she continued. “If nurses and healthcare workers take their uniforms home, they could be leaving traces of the virus on other surfaces.” Dr. Laird—who led the research group—worked together with virologist Dr. Maitreyi Shivkumar and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Lucy Owen. The scientists’ study involved testing a model of a coronavirus with a very similar structure and survival pattern to that of the CCP … Read More

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