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Chinese American Civil Rights Group Denounces Critical Race Theory: ‘A Hateful Fraud’

February 25, 2021

The New York chapter of the oldest Chinese American civil rights group has denounced critical race theory (CRT) as “a hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud,” urging parents to identify and call out the ideology in their children’s education. In a Feb. 23 letter (pdf), the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York condemned CRT, a European Marxist outgrowth that views society through the singular lens of race-based power struggle and labels the very foundations of American social and political life—such as rationalism, constitutional law, and legal reasoning—as tools of racial oppression. “From its very roots, CRT is racist, repressive, discriminatory, and divisive,” the organization wrote, noting that the CRT framework is heavily influenced by prominent communist thinkers like Marx, Lenin, and Gramsci, but with class struggle replaced by racial struggle. Chinese Americans, according to the Alliance, have come into CRT’s crosshairs because the racial minority group has continued to “overcome … Read More

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