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Chinese Regime Is ‘Authoritarian Adversary’ Posing ‘Biggest Geopolitical Test’: Biden CIA Director Nominee

February 24, 2021

President Joe Biden’s CIA director nominee William Burns told a Senate Committee on Feb. 24 that the Chinese regime’s “adversarial, predatory” leadership poses the “greatest geopolitical test” to the United States. Burns, 64, a former career diplomat who has worked in both Democratic and Republican administrations, said his four top priorities if he is confirmed to head the agency were “China, technology, people, and partnerships.” “Out-competing China will be key to our national security in the decades ahead,” Burns said at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, repeating the position used by the Biden administration to describe its approach to the Chinese regime. He called the regime a “formidable, authoritarian adversary,” that was “methodically strengthening its capabilities to steal intellectual property, repress its own people, bully its neighbors, expand its global reach, and build influence in American society.” However, Burns also noted areas in which the United States had “mutual interests” … Read More

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