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Claim: Don Jr. Believes that the TX Gov is a Democrat!?

February 20, 2021

Rating: False

The Claim:

Don Jr. made the claim that Texas’ Governor is a Democrat

“Who wants to tell him that the Governor of Texas is a Republican?”

— @Alyssa_Milano

Reasons for the ‘False’ rating

  • Context — This is a sad commentary on the education of Americans, and should serve as a reminder that ‘famous people’ shouldn’t be confused with intellectuals. 
  • This is a statement of fact — Trump Jr.’s and Milano’s statements were both statements of fact
  • Research done- a firm grasp of the English language

As of 2/20/2021, a rating of ‘false’ is appropriate


Don Jr. is clearly talking about Democrat lawmakers (who are seizing on the opportunity to bash #cancuncruz over the head with his poorly planned trip to Cancun) and how they’ve been silent criticizing Democrat Governor’s incompetence (like Andrew Cuomo is currently under investigation by the DOJ due to his handling of nursing home deaths in NY). 

Don’t count on rich people to be smart.


I’m your host, with half my brain tied behind my back – just to make it fair.

RIP, Rush Limbaugh

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