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Claim: No evidence there were fake Trump supporters at Capitol!?

March 4, 2021

Rating: False

The Claim:

Jim Acosta reports on FBI director Wray hearing

FBI director Wray at hearing: No evidence there were fake Trump supporters involved in siege at Capitol on January 6th.

— @Acosta

Reasons for the ‘False’ rating

  • Context — Federally elected Democrats are trying to drive a narrative where none exists, while turning a blind eye that one their largest supporters, CNN, directly funded at least one domestic terrorist involved with the breaching of the Capitol on Jan 6. Sullivan has led BLM protests, in the past, and had been disavowed after been seen as a ‘loose cannon’.
  • This is a statement of fact — FBI director Wray statement was a statement of fact
  • Research done- 5 minute search on the interwebs

As of 3/4/2021, a rating of ‘false’ is appropriate


John Sullivan has a history of being a left-wing agitator, he claims to have entered the grounds of the Capitol as a “journalist”. 

“Video taken by the 25-year-old showed him following and encouraging the Trump supporters from the entrance of the Capitol all the way to the moment when 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter who attempted to climb through a window into the Speaker’s Lobby, was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer.” -MSN
“The Justice Department mentioned Sullivan faces charges of rioting in Provo, Utah, his hometown, for a Black Lives Matter protest he helped organize in June 2020. An August video shows Sullivan encouraging a group to attack the White House, saying, “We gotta … rip Trump right out of that office.”- MSN

CNN paid an agent provocateur that attacked the Capitol building, on Jan 6. 

Don’t count on people from CNN to tell you the truth



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