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Cruz Delivers Water in Texas After Returning From Cancun

February 22, 2021

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Saturday delivered water to people in need, after returning from a trip to Cancun. Cruz was seen in photographs he posted online carrying water and placing it in vehicles. The lawmaker was also seen visiting with people who drove to a location to get water. Packs of water bottles have been a common sight in Texas in recent days, as the state suffers from an unusual stretch of freezing temperatures, leading to an overstressed power grid and issues with water supply. Cruz used the hashtag “Texas Strong” with the photographs. And he shared a post from the city of Austin that told the public the city was distributing nearly 11,000 cases of water to critical facilities and vulnerable populations. A day later, Cruz helped serve Houston barbecue to firefighters, reporters, and law enforcement officers to thank them for their work during the snow storms. Cruz … Read More

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