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Cybersecurity Group Says Chinese Regime-Linked Hackers Hit Multiple US Targets

March 5, 2021

Cybersecurity group FireEye said Thursday it found evidence that hackers linked to the Chinese regime exploited a flaw in a Microsoft email application to go after a number of American targets, including a university and local governments. FireEye analysts wrote in a blog post that the company built “higher-fidelity detections” and launched multiple threat hunting campaigns after Microsoft confirmed earlier this week that a Chinese state-sponsored hacking group known as “Hafnium” had exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Exchange Server email program. Using its array of detection methods and tools, FireEye found that “the activity reported by Microsoft aligns with our observations” and said that the Hafnium hackers targeted a range of victims, including “U.S.-based retailers, local governments, a university, and an engineering firm,” as well as a Southeast Asian government and a Central Asian telecom. FireEye said Hafnium hackers earlier targeted U.S.-based universities, defense contractors, and infectious disease researchers. The analysts said … Read More

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