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Disneyland Vaccination Site Closes Due to Lack of Supply

February 20, 2021

Orange County health officials were force to shut a large-scale inoculation hub until at least Feb. 22 due to a delayed shipment of COVID-19 vaccine. The slowdown was prompted by a massive winter storm that tore through the U.S. Feb. 13 to Feb. 17 and pushed back California’s shipment of the Moderna vaccine. Without its latest batch of doses, Orange County temporarily closed its Disneyland super point of distribution (POD) because of a lack of supply. “Without the shipment coming in on Monday, we are essentially out of the Moderna vaccine,” Supervisor Lisa Bartlett told The Epoch Times. “It’s not a significant setback, but every day that we’re not vaccinating residents of Orange County is a definite setback, and it’s a disappointment to all of us.” The Disneyland super POD immunizes patients with the Moderna vaccine, while the county’s Soka University super POD in Aliso Viejo uses Pfizer. The county received about 16,000 doses … Read More

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