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Everything’s Coming up COVID for Much Public Spending … Even as Virus Fades

March 5, 2021

For some special interests, a fading coronavirus pandemic poses a problem, but not always an insurmountable one. Big Labor and its acolytes cite the virus as a compelling reason for doubling the minimum wage and forcing businesses to provide more paid sick leave, while the Biden administration is using the pandemic as part of its justification for overhauling immigration toward eventual amnesty for undocumented migrants. Meanwhile, the left-leaning Brookings Institution has successfully persuaded the federal government to allocate more money to child-care programs in the name of pandemic safety. These changes have long been on the policy wish lists of advocates, but in a time of pandemic they evoke words widely attributed to Winston Churchill: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Or as a headline this week might sum up a new urgency: “The U.S. Is Edging Toward Normal, Alarming Some Officials.” Several states and municipalities struck while … Read More

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