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Family of Americans Held in Iran Urge Biden to Make Their Release a Priority

February 23, 2021

WASHINGTON—The family of an Iranian-American jailed in Tehran and his father, who is unable to leave Iran, urged U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday to make their freedom a precondition of any deals between the United States and Iran. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have arrested dozens of dual nationals and foreigners, including several Americans, in recent years, mostly on espionage charges. Rights activists accuse the country of trying to use the detentions to win concessions from other countries, though Tehran dismisses the charge. Siamak Namazi, an Iranian-American businessman in his mid-40s, was arrested by Iranian security forces in October 2015. Iranian authorities detained Baquer Namazi, 84, a few months later when he tried to visit his son. “My family expects that President Biden and his administration will not make concessions or deals with Iran that do not include, that indeed requires [as] a precondition the release of my father and Siamak,” … Read More

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