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Former Police Sergeant Sentenced for Fullerton City Manager DUI Cover-Up

February 24, 2021

A former Fullerton police sergeant has been sentenced for filing a false report in attempt to protect a former city manager from an impaired driving charge. Rodger Jeffrey Corbett, 48, was given a pre-trial diversion sentence Feb. 22 by an Orange County Superior Court judge. It allows the former sergeant to have his record completely expunged in one year if he completes 80 hours of community service, pays $500 to a victim witness, and agrees to no longer work in law enforcement. The expungement will allow the case to be removed from his record, as if it never happened. The case dates back to November 2016, when former Fullerton city manager Joseph Felz was involved in a car accident while under the influence. When police arrived, they found Felz attempting to drive his vehicle away from the scene, and observed signs of intoxication. Corbett, who was assigned to handle the investigation, conducted a cursory examination and concluded Felz … Read More

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