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Former Trump Aide Catalina Lauf to Primary GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger

February 24, 2021

Catalina Lauf, a former top adviser to former President Donald Trump, announced she will challenge Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) for his 16th Congressional District seat. Lauf’s newly formed campaign accused Kinzinger of being an “anti-Trump RINO” who has turned his back on his constituents. “RINO” is an acronym that stands for “Republicans in Name Only,” which is used as a pejorative by some conservatives against the Republican establishment politicians and GOP officials who fail to adopt conservatives stances. In recent years, it has been used against Republican officials who defied or criticized Trump. “As President, Donald Trump lifted millions out of poverty, invested historically in our schools, hospitals, and communities, restored America’s status as the strongest nation on earth, and defended the right to life, our Second Amendment, our borders, and our faith,” Lauf added in a news release. “Almost 75 million Americans supported that America First Agenda—but it is … Read More

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