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Georgia Gov. Kemp Says He Would ‘Absolutely’ Back Trump for President in 2024

March 3, 2021

Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp said he would absolutely back President Donald Trump if he became the GOP nominee for the White House in 2024. “Absolutely, I will support the nominee,” Kemp told Fox News on March 3. “As I said, again, I worked very hard for the president. I think his ideas … will be part of our party for a long time in the future and Republicans, we need to have a big tent.” “Republicans, there’s a lot of great ideas out there,” Kemp continued. “We’re not always going to get along. But I think the president deserves a lot of credit and he’s not going away.” Trump criticized Kemp harshly in the weeks following the general election on Nov. 3 last year. The president went after Kemp due to his apparent lack of cooperation with Trump’s efforts to validate the results of the election in the Peach … Read More

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