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Graham: Trump ‘Very Focused,’ Working to ‘Get the Best Team in the Field’ for 2022

February 22, 2021

After meeting with former President Donald Trump this weekend, Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters the president is focused on the 2022 election and working to get “the best team in the field.” “He’s very focused, working the phones, talking to folks,” Graham said. “He’s very involved in helping the team win. He made a bunch of phone calls and trying to get the best team on the field. I was very pleased.” News of the huddle with Graham comes days after Trump’s team announced that the president will deliver his first public speech since leaving the White House at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Feb. 28. Trump’s speech will chart the course for the Republican party and cover issues such as standing up to China, dismantling the big tech monopoly, and defending free speech, according to former senior White House advisor Stephen Miller. Earlier this month, Trump excoriated Senate … Read More

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