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Gun Advocates Resist Restrictions as SoCal Firearm Sales Shoot Through the Roof

February 21, 2021

The combined events of the last year and ongoing calls for federal gun control have created ideal conditions for a massive local surge in gun and ammo sales, according to Southern California gun rights advocates. Trent Butler, executive director of the Orange County Gun Owners (OCGO) political action committee, told The Epoch Times that civil unrest, political rhetoric, COVID-19 lockdowns, financial uncertainty, and disruptions in the supply chain have led to a spike in firearms and ammunition sales for more than a year. “It’s a perfect storm,” Butler said. “I think people are making very complex value assessments and deciding that having a substantial ability to defend themselves … is something that’s critical to daily life.” Butler said many of the handguns sold in the recent sales surge were revolvers and other basic models usually purchased by first-time gun buyers. Over the last year, many customers have been looking for … Read More

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