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Illinois Gov. Signs Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill That Abolishes Cash Bail

February 24, 2021

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Monday signed a sweeping criminal justice and police reform bill that includes completely ending cash bail in the state, with proponents arguing cash bail unfairly impacts poor defendants, while opponents say it skews the scales of justice in favor of criminals and makes communities less safe. Under the new law, called House Bill 3653, judges will not be able to set any kind of bail for defendants charged with crimes. Although defendants deemed to be at flight risk or who pose a threat to public safety may be ordered to remain behind bars pending trial, the bill places an added burden on judges to justify such decisions. They will have to explain in writing why less restrictive conditions are not appropriate and there will have to be greater specificity provided in justifying allegations that a defendant’s pretrial release poses a real and present threat to … Read More

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