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Instagram User Raises More Than $1 Million For Planned Parenthood To Spite Rush Limbaugh

February 21, 2021

A user on Instagram user managed to raise more than $1 million for Planned Parenthood as a gesture of spite against the late radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Tommy Marcus, who goes by the username @Quentin.Quarantino and describes himself as “leftist scum” in his Instagram bio, started the fundraising Wednesday by posting a photo of the $100 donation he made to Planned Parenthood in memory of Limbaugh.

Many others began to take Marcus’ lead in donating to the organization, after which he made a public fundraising campaign with the intention of raising $10,000. The Quentin Quarantino Rush Limbaugh Memorial Planned Parenthood Fundraiser surpassed $1 million on Saturday.

Marcus told VICE News he meant for the campaign to scoff at Limbaugh, claiming the talk show host spent “decades clogging the airwaves with sexist, homophobic, racist, endlessly discriminatory propaganda.”

“He is really, to me, the embodiment of Trump’s America, of hatred, of the division that we see in our country right now,” Marcus added.

Marcus gloated about his campaign’s success on Twitter, writing, “If Rush Limbaugh was so pro-life then why did he die and posthumously raise $1.1 million+ for Planned Parenthood?”

Marcus added photos of various DMs he received from people who took pleasure in Limbaugh’s death.

“I don’t live in the US, but I am also a sexual assault survivor and health care and free clinics potentially saved my life here,” wrote one user in part. “F**k Rush Limbaugh so much. He was an awful person and the world is a much better place without him. But also bless you for doing this.”

[Warning: Strong Language]

Another user wrote, “I feel f**king ALIVE right now. I grew up in the Bible Belt with a conservative family. […] I attended the same college Rush Limbaugh did (but he dropped out), and I remember that being a real selling point. Not for me. Now that I’m an adult human and my own person, I can say I love my family but DAMN it feels so good to make a donation in this f**king ghoul’s honor.”

Planned Parenthood acknowledged the windfall on Twitter, tweeting Saturday: “YOU. ARE. AMAZING. In the last few days, people from all over the country have raised more than $1 million for Planned Parenthood at the request of @quentquarantino. Whether you’re a patient, a first-time donor, just hearing about our work, or a longtime supporter: Thank you.”

Leftists unleashed a torrent of hatred against Limbaugh after his death Wednesday, causing hashtags such as “Rot in Hell” and “Rest in Piss” to trend on Twitter.

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