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Interview: Series Director Tells Forgotten Story of George Washington

February 20, 2021

Tammy Lane, founder of Capernaum Studios, is directing an upcoming series about the story of a young George Washington, emphasizing his spiritual journey. Lane believes that, just as Washington’s faith in the divine guided him to success against all odds, she is being guided by divine forces to tell a forgotten story of the first American president. Lane was interviewed by The Epoch Times’ “Crossroads” host Joshua Phillip in Capernaum studios. Lane said that they started working on building 1st century sets in 2005 because she wanted to make some Biblical films. They opened in 2008 and started with three productions per year. “The Lord started bringing in other filmmakers, which is really what the dream was in the beginning, the vision, and in 2018 it really hit and then after that it’s just spiraled.” Lane spoke about her newest endeavor, “Washington’s Armor,” and how it came together, adding that it started … Read More

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