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Iran Stops Snap Nuclear Inspections

February 23, 2021

An Iranian government newspaper warned on Tuesday that overly radical actions in the nuclear wrangling with the West may lead to the country’s isolation after Tehran ended snap inspections by United Nations inspectors. A state-run Iranian newspaper is urging caution in the nuclear dispute with the West. Warning that radical actions could lead to the country’s isolation. The message comes after Tehran ended snap inspections by the UN on its nuclear activities. At midnight on Monday (February 22) Iran ended the agreement that allowed the International Atomic Energy Agency to carry out short-notice inspections. But they will still allow “necessary” monitoring by UN inspectors for up to three months. Hardline Iranian lawmakers protested that decision—saying it broke the law. A law passed in parliament states inspections should end from Tuesday (February 23) if sanctions on the country were not lifted—an apparent effort to pressure the United States. The state-run daily … Read More

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