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‘Kitten Tsunami’ Could be Headed for Northern Orange County, Warns Advocate

February 20, 2021

Garden Grove has a cat problem, and it could cost taxpayers $70,000 this year. The city reported a nearly threefold increase in the amount of feral cats captured last year, prompting a call for more resources to contain the free-roaming felines. “Each year, the number of kittens that are born in feral colonies have been increasing,” the Golden State Humane Society’s Alexandra Caswell told The Epoch Times. “And that has to do with weather. [It] has been warmer every year, so the number of kittens being born has gone up.” During a Feb. 23 meeting, Garden Grove councilors will be asked to reinstate the city’s contract with the Stray Cat Alliance, a non-profit that oversees its return-to field (RTF) program. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted Garden Grove last year prompted to slash its cat-management budget by $21,000, bringing the expense down to $49,000 annually. But the budget cut appears to have come at a … Read More

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