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Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Fund Toxic Cleanup in LA as Residents Lose Hope

February 22, 2021

State lawmakers from Los Angeles have introduced a bill that would provide over $540 million additional funding to continue the largest toxic cleanup in California. Assembly Bill 1024 (AB 1024) would fund the ongoing clean up of up to 10,000 homes polluted by the closed Exide Technologies battery facility in the city of Vernon, south of downtown L.A. Residents in the area say they continue to suffer the ill effects of dangerous amounts of lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals released into the soil by the company’s recycling plant over the decades. “This vote is going to decide not only our lives—the people who are still living in this contamination—but it’s also going to decide how many future generations are going to be affected by all this,” local resident Terry Gonzalez-Cano, 49, told The Epoch Times. The bill would allocate over $420 million to clean up more than 7,800 properties—including … Read More

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