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Los Angeles Parents Hold ‘Zoom Blackout’ to Protest School Closures

February 23, 2021

Parents with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) held a “Zoom blackout” on Monday in a bid to pressure the district to reopen schools for in-person learning amid the CCP virus pandemic. The effort, which began Monday, was organized as part of a separate protest in the district with the help of parent Cynthia Rojas, who told “Fox & Friends” that she feels “there is a really big urgency to get our kids back in school.” A flyer promoting the blackout effort was released on social media last week, and encouraged parents not to sign into their Zoom classes beginning Feb. 22, and to continue “for as many days as it takes.” It suggested parents instead bring their children to walk as part of a larger protest outside the federal building on Wilshire Blvd. “Enough is enough! We can no longer sit by and wait for UTLA to come up with … Read More

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