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Manchin Backing $11 Federal Minimum Wage to Break Impasse Over Biden’s $15 Proposal

February 23, 2021

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-Va.) is pushing to amend the CCP virus stimulus package to mandate an $11 federal minimum wage, down from the $15 per hour minimum proposed by President Joe Biden. Biden’s package needs Manchin’s vote to pass via budget reconciliation without Republican support. But the Democrat has indicated he would not approve a minimum wage hike to $15. “I would amend it to $11,” Manchin said on Feb. 22. “We can do $11 in two years and be in a better position than they’re going to be with $15 in five years.” It is unclear if a federal minimum wage hike could be approved via the budget reconciliation process. The Senate parliamentarian is expected to rule on the matter before a vote is taken. Manchin said he would propose the $11 amendment if the parliamentarian rules that the hike could be legislated via reconciliation. According to a report … Read More

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