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‘Need to Tell the Truth’: Whistleblower Staffer at Smith College Resigns Over ‘Anti-Racist’ Programs

February 21, 2021

A staffer at Smith College in Massachusetts said she is resigning from her position, saying the college has “created a racially hostile environment” while pushing for “social justice” initiatives. Jodi Shaw, a white woman who describes herself as a lifelong liberal, said she turned down a settlement from the college so she can instead speak out, according to journalist Bari Weiss. The “hostile environment” was caused, in part, she added, due to so-called “anti-racist” programs in the college that allegedly target white employees. “In this environment, people’s worth as human beings, and the degree to which they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, is determined by the color of their skin. It is an environment in which dissenting from the new critical race orthodoxy— or even failing to swear fealty to it like some kind of McCarthy-era loyalty oath—is grounds for public humiliation and professional retaliation,” Shaw wrote … Read More

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