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New York AG Says Supreme Court Ruling on Trump Tax Returns Has No Impact on Probe

February 23, 2021

New York Attorney General Letitia James said Monday that the Supreme Court ruling on former President Donald Trump’s tax returns will have no effect on her civil probe into Trump’s taxes. James made the remarks to Andrew Sorkin, host of The New York Times’ DealBook D.C. Policy Project, in response to a question about whether Monday’s Supreme Court decision not to stop a Manhattan prosecutor from obtaining Trump’s tax returns and other financial records as part of a separate criminal probe had changed the dynamic of her investigation. That ruling “doesn’t change the tenor of our lawsuit,” James said, adding, “We will continue our investigation and upon completion we will announce our findings.” James, a Democrat, is conducting a civil probe into whether the Trump Organization improperly manipulated the value of Trump’s assets on annual financial statements in order to secure loans and obtain tax benefits. The Trump Organization has described the probe … Read More

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