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Newsmax Adds Rudy Giuliani’s Son Andrew as a Contributor

March 5, 2021

Newsmax TV has added Rudy Giuliani’s son as a contributor. Andrew Giuliani, 35, began the job this month after appearing on the channel as a guest while he was still working at the White House, Newsmax told news outlets. “Andrew is a bright and articulate young conservative, and we’re glad he’s part of the Newsmax lineup,” Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said in a statement. A spokesman said he would be “sharing his take on news and politics.” During a recent appearance on his father’s radio show, Andrew Giuliani said he received a call from Ruddy and a job offer. “I felt very blessed to accept,” he said, according to Mediaite, adding that the gig was “obviously a way to continue the meaning that I had found” during the Trump administration. Andrew Giuliani says on his Twitter profile that he’s a political analyst and correspondent for Newsmax. On Wednesday, he said … Read More

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