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NIH Director Says Trump Administration Deserves Credit for Operation Warp Speed

February 22, 2021

National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins contradicted the Biden administration Sunday, saying the Trump White House deserves considerable credit for its Operation Warp Speed. “The Operation Warp Speed, for which I give a great deal of credit to [former HHS Secretary Alex Azar], was a[n] effort that many of us were not initially convinced was going to be necessary. And it was thought about as a Manhattan Project,” Collins told Axios. He added: “Those words were used sometimes to describe what needed to happen in order to get all parts of the government together in an unprecedented way to test up to six vaccines in rigorous trials, and to do this at-risk manufacturing, so that if any of those trials happened to work, you would already have doses ready to go into arms.” Collins remarked that CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccines “got done in 11 months from when we … Read More

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