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OAN Demands House Democrats Retract Letters Pressuring TV Carriers

March 5, 2021

One America News Network (OAN) is demanding two House Democrat lawmakers retract letters that they say sought to pressure television carriers into taking action against OAN and two other conservative- to right-leaning news channels. OAN’s attorney Eric Early wrote to Reps. Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) and Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.) on Thursday demanding that they publicly retract their letters by March 11. He warned that the network could pursue legal action if the lawmakers refuse to do so. McNerney and Eshoo, both members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, sent letters to 12 cable, satellite, and streaming companies last month, accusing the companies of not taking steps to combat the spread of what the Democrats say is “misinformation.” The lawmakers claimed that OAN, Fox, and Newsmax had spread “misinformation” after the November 2020 elections and about COVID-19, and demanded carriers explain why they are offering their services to these television outlets. One of the questions the … Read More

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