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Orange Moves Forward With Plans to Limit Short-Term Rentals

February 25, 2021

City of Orange council has directed staff to draft an ordinance that would restrict short-term rentals as they look to regulate the temporary accommodations. City management was directed by Mayor Mark Murphy on Feb. 23 to add certain guidelines to the ordinance. A list not to exceed 125 rentals citywide would be created, where priority would be given to Orange residents. The ordinance will also focus on how to deal with short-term rental owners who violate the rules. “It’s clearly a growing industry,” Mayor Pro Tem Kim Nichols said during the Feb. 23 council meeting. “I would hate to see us behind industries as we grow and evolve as a society. And I think this is one of those things where we are kind of behind the eight ball.” She said while the city needs to stop people from abusing the facilities, she doesn’t believe short-term rentals should be banned. “There’s no question in my … Read More

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