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Organizers Near Amount of Signatures Needed to Trigger Newsom Recall

February 20, 2021

With its March 17 deadline approaching, the campaign to oust California Gov. Gavin Newsom is less than 60,000 signatures short of triggering an election, officials say. “The bottom line is we have been underestimated and discounted from day one, yet we are within 58,000 valid signatures of qualifying the recall, with plenty of time left in the process,” Rescue California campaign manager Anne Hyde Dunsmore said in a Feb. 19 press release. “Nothing can stop this citizen movement to replace Gavin Newsom with a new governor capable of leading this state.” As of Feb. 19, about 1.72 million signatures were collected, and the secretary of state (SOS) is showing 83.7 percent validity, Dunsmore said. If the calculations are correct, it means 1,437,983 verified signatures have been collected, 57,726 shy of the 1,495,709 verified signature mark needed to initiate a recall. A surge in signatures came as Republicans continued to financially back the campaign. … Read More

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