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Pop Culture Historian Preserves LA’s Past While Looking to the Future

February 22, 2021

Alison Martino calls herself a “DeLorean of the internet”—comparing herself to the iconic modern car that serves as a time machine in the movie “Back to the Future.” The daughter of show business royalty, Martino has made it her life’s mission to preserve the pop culture history of Southern California by creating Vintage Los Angeles, an online community with a thriving archive dedicated to documenting L.A.’s history, architecture, and show business. “It’s like an online history book, and it’s told by the people that contribute stories every day,” Martino told The Epoch Times. “I’m documenting history online, that’s there forever.” Martino oversees an interactive virtual experience—with more than half a million followers—that preserves the people, places, and things in her hometown. She initiates entries on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, then lets other members of the shared community run with it. “My page is more storytelling. I’ll give a background on … Read More

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