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Proposed Outdoor Shopping Hub Could Help Westminster Reboot its Economy  

February 22, 2021

Westminster’s Little Saigon neighborhood could soon be home to a new initiative officials hope will lead the city to an economic rebound. The city wants to turn part of the area into an outdoor shopping and dining hub that could help struggling local businesses grow sales. Stores and eateries would be allowed to use the space on a rotating basis. Such an initiative could  help the businesses survive the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by reaching new markets, boosting sales, and providing a safe outdoor space, the report says. “While everyone is hopeful continuing safety practices such as social distancing and masks, combined with vaccination distribution will help the community return to ‘normal,’ recovery is likely to be slow and available funding remains insufficient to directly support all businesses and residents,” the Feb. 24 agenda item says. “With this information and the direction received from the city council, staff has been working … Read More

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