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Recall Newsom Campaign Says It Has Collected Enough Signatures to Trigger Vote

February 25, 2021

The campaign to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom has reached 1.8 million raw signatures, says a campaign official. About 1.83 signatures have been counted as of Feb. 25, Rescue California’s Anne Hyde Dunsmore told The Epoch Times. Although Dunsmore said 1.8 million unverified signatures should be enough to trigger the recall election, she said the campaign will continue its efforts and could reach as many as 2 million signatures by the March 10 deadline. To succeed, the campaign must collect 1,495,709 verified signatures. More signatures are needed as many are discarded during the validation process. “We’re just making sure we are finishing what we started,” Dunsmore said. “We’re just getting incoming [signatures] and [it] is paying off. All of the work that we’ve done in the timeframe that we needed to do it in, we did. It’s complicated for people to understand that you can’t do these things overnight.” Volunteers will continue collecting signatures at numerous booths around the state. … Read More

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