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Senate Confirms Biden’s Energy Secretary Nominee

February 25, 2021

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday as energy secretary. President Joe Biden’s pick will be the second woman to lead the Department of Energy after receiving approval from the upper chamber. Granholm was voted in by 64 senators, with 35 dissenting and one not voting. She received bipartisan support; every senator who voted no, on the other hand, is a Republican. Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said on the Senate floor that despite Granholm telling senators during her confirmation hearing that she believed it was a good thing the United States was the leading producer of oil and gas, and that she didn’t want jobs lost, the Biden administration has already “declared a war on American energy and American energy workers.” “President Biden seems to want to pull the plug on American energy dominance. I cannot in good conscience vote to approve his nominee for … Read More

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