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Some Texas Households Face Huge Electricity Bills After Brutal Cold Snap

February 20, 2021

Texas households who get their electricity on variable or indexed pricing plans are likely going to see their electrical bills spike in the wake of the recent cold snap, with reports emerging that some Texans are already seeing their electrical bills skyrocket. In Texas’ highly competitive electricity market, some retail providers offer customers prices pegged to daily wholesale rates or other forms of indexing. Under normal circumstances, this can mean lower prices, but after the cold snap squeezed grid capacity and led to a dramatic run up in wholesale electricity prices, some households have been hit with huge bills. Ty Williams, a Dallas-area resident, saw his monthly bill soar from $600 last month to nearly $17,000 so far this month, according to local news outlet WFAA. “How in the world can anyone pay that? I mean you go from a couple hundred dollars a month … there’s absolutely no way‚ … Read More

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