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State’s New COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Strategy Targets Disadvantaged Californians

March 4, 2021

California will now allocate 40 percent of all new COVID-19 vaccine doses for residents living in its most disadvantaged communities. The effort, announced by state officials March 3, seeks accelerate the reopening of the economy by slowing the spread of the virus in areas where it tends to propagate fastest. In Southern California, many of the communities that would receive the added vaccines are located in the Central Valley and Los Angeles County. Santa Ana in Orange County would also be targeted. It’s still unclear how the 40 percent number will be calculated locally, said Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner. Right now, when a batch of vaccine supply is delivered to Orange County, the bulk is allocated to private health care facilities, and a smaller portion is given directly to the county for distribution. It’s not known whether the state would reserve 40 percent of total supply for disadvantaged communities, or subtract it … Read More

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