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Trump Attorney’s New Show to Focus on Nexus Between Law, Current Issues

February 23, 2021

One of the key attorneys who worked on President Donald Trump’s post-election legal effort will focus on the intersection of Constitutional law and the issues Americans care about in a new video show set to premiere during the first week of March. Jenna Ellis told The Epoch Times that the first episode of her daily hourlong show will feature Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), who, like Ellis, is a constitutional lawyer. The show, titled “Just the Truth,” will aim to cut past partisan clutter on cultural and social issues and look at what the government can or cannot do within the boundaries of the Constitution. The tagline for the show is, “Not red, not blue, this is just the truth.” “We’re so siloed in tribalism, either Republican or Democrat, and we lose the perspective of what does the Constitution actually say,” Ellis said. “We can all have our opinions on policy … Read More

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