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Trump Brands Former Campaign Advisor Karl Rove a ‘RINO’ After Strategist Criticized Him

March 5, 2021

Donald Trump issued a lengthy statement on March. 4 returning criticism to Republican strategist Karl Rove after the adviser offered criticism of Trump’s first formal speech since leaving office. Rove, who served as George W. Bush’s chief strategist, penned an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday in which he said that Trump’s speech last Sunday to the Conservative Political Action Conference was wanting. The former Trump 2020 campaign adviser also wrote of so-called “muted enthusiasm” for the former president, noting that in a straw poll of CPAC participants, only 68 percent wanted Trump to run for president again in 2024, while 32 percent did not want him to run or had no opinion. In a lengthy statement issued by Trump’s office in Palm Beach, Florida, on Thursday, Trump branded Rove a “Rino—Republican In Name Only. “Karl Rove has been losing for years now, except for himself,” Trump wrote. “Never had much of a … Read More

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