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US Court Rules Harry Dunn Civil Claim Against Anne Sacoolas Can Proceed

February 23, 2021

A U.S. district court has ruled that Harry Dunn’s family can bring their civil claim for alleged wrongful death against Anne Sacoolas in the United States. The U.S. diplomat’s wife had applied to have the claim dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, saying it was a matter that should be heard in a UK court. U.S. District Court of Virginia Judge Thomas Ellis denied Sacoolas’s motion to dismiss, ruling that the claim could proceed. In the Feb. 17 ruling, he said, “While it is commendable that Defendant Anne Sacoolas admits that she was negligent and that her negligence caused Harry Dunn’s death, this does not equate acceptance of responsibility. “Full acceptance of responsibility entails facing those harmed by her negligence and taking responsibility for her acts where they occurred, in the United Kingdom.” According to the BBC, her legal team had said she was concerned that she would not “receive fair treatment” … Read More

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