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US To Seek Seat at UN Human Rights Council, Undoing Trump Pullout

February 24, 2021

The Biden administration will run for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinkon announced on Feb. 24, unwinding the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the body in 2018. Blinken, in a video message to the council, said the United States would seek election to a seat at the UN’s top human rights body for the 2022 to 2024 term. He acknowledged that the Geneva-based body was in need of reforms, including its “disproportionate focus” on Isreal—the only country whose rights record comes up for scrutiny at every one of its thrice-yearly meetings—as well as its membership. Countries “with the worst human rights records should not be members of this Council,” Blinken said. The Trump administration pulled out from the council in mid-2018 over its excessive focus on Israel, which has received the largest number of critical council resolutions against any country by … Read More

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