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‘We Think We’ve Absolutely Got a Case That Will Win’: Texas AG Ken Paxton on Big Tech Antitrust Action

February 25, 2021

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton expressed his certainty in winning an antitrust case Texas filed against Google, which alleges illegal monopolistic practices. Paxton talked with Breitbart about the lawsuit against the tech giant. He was asked to comment on a proposal from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that would allow big tech companies to be fined or sued for specific content-policing decisions. “We definitely are looking at [DeSantis’s proposal],” Paxton said. “We’re trying to encourage our legislature to do something similar [in Texas], because I feel like [Big Tech] have had exemption from liability that they shouldn’t have had, especially being in the monopolistic position they are in.” The Texas Attorney General said that they’re focusing on the lawsuits. “We’ve sued Google for antitrust violations, and we think we’ve absolutely got a case that will win, and very likely, there [will] be other companies [doing] this process [that we will] learn have done … Read More

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