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West Virginia Bill Seeks to Recreate Trump’s Critical Race Theory Ban at State Level

February 23, 2021

Republican lawmakers in West Virginia have introduced a bill modeled after a revoked Trump-era order to purge elements of critical race theory from the state’s workforce and schools. Currently known as House Bill 2595, the proposed legislation seeks to ban “race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating” in the workforce, defined as “assigning fault, blame, or bias to a race or sex, or to members of a race or sex because of their race or sex,” as well as “any claim that, consciously or unconsciously, and by virtue of his or her race or sex, members of any race are inherently racist or are inherently inclined to oppress others, or that members of a sex are inherently sexist or inclined to oppress others.” It also prohibits state contractors from pushing those views upon their employees. The bill would also ban schools from using any curriculum that promotes “divisive acts,” and block … Read More

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