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West Virginia Governor Signs Order Letting Restaurants, Small Businesses Fully Reopen

March 5, 2021

West Virginia’s governor on Friday announced he is allowing bars, restaurants, and small businesses to reopen fully by eliminating capacity restrictions. Gov. Jim Justice, a Republican, signed an order increasing the capacity limit for the stores to 100 percent, up from 75 percent. The order contains caveats. Restaurants can only fully reopen if social distancing can be maintained between groups that arrive and sit together. Bars can only reopen if they have physical seating for every patron. “Today we’re going to move our restaurants and our bars to 100 percent of their seating capacity that they can use, provided we maintain social distancing,” Justice told a press conference. “I encourage everyone, everyone there, to just use good sense, and absolutely try at all times, if you can, to keep your mask on, unless you’re eating or drinking, and keep that social distancing,” he added. “We will have no standing room … Read More

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