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White House Sends Polite Letter to Taiwan, Asking for Help

February 21, 2021

WASHINGTON—The White House sent a letter to the Taiwanese government on Feb. 17 seeking its help to resolve a global shortage of computer chips that has wreaked havoc on the automotive industry. The letter ensured that the “future is bright” for U.S.-Taiwan relations amid threats from China. President Joe Biden’s top economic adviser, Brian Deese wrote a letter addressed to Taiwan Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua, thanking her for working with Taiwanese chipmakers to ease the global shortfall. “U.S. automotive companies remain significantly concerned about the impact of the auto chip shortage on production lines this year,” the letter obtained by The Epoch Times said. The pandemic has spiked demand for consumer electronics, leading to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Global automakers have been hit especially hard from this supply shock; General Motors and Ford have temporarily shuttered some of their plants in response. The shortfall has also affected many global car brands, … Read More

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